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Lodging in Arnhem for the cyclists

An accomodation with breakfast does not have to be expensive,
certainly not at B&B Immerloo Bed and Breakfast Arnhem, where you can leave your bikes in a safe and dry place for free. Your ideal refuge for your bicycle holiday. The rural bicycleroute LF3, the Maasroute between Arnhem and Maastricht, is located only 5 minutes away from our B&B. The city center of Arnhem, as well as the Hoge Veluwe or one of the other ATB-routes are easy accesible by bike.
Because we co-operate with other B&B’s who are also equiped to accomodate cyclists, we can also offer accomodation for larger groups of cyclists.
Furthermore, we can always recommend another B&B which is also located on or along the various bicycle routes. For instance there are trailers from the circus that used to be the homes of the clowns, and there are beautifull farms. You can look at the list with addresses on the following link. here Bed and Breakfast in Holland. Renting a bike is often also possible.
Our B&B is i.a. listed in the cycle tourbook Ronde van Nederland via LF-routes published by the Foundation for Landelijk Fiets Platform at Amersfoort. (ISBN 90-72930-27-4)

ATB-routes in Arnhem

Mountain bike trails on high grounds formed during the ice age. In the close vicinity of Arnhem there are two ATB-routes, which are connected at Terlet and Warnsborn (ca. +72m above sea water level). De total length is approximately 80 km. The western route ATB Route Zuid West Veluwe (28km) crosses Oosterbeek, Doorwerth, Renkum, Wolfheze, Papendal and the ‘heide’ area at Warnsborn. This ATB-route also has two short tracks near the highway A50 of 15 km each. The eastern route (50 km) takes you along Rozendaal, Rheden, De Steeg, Ellecom, Dieren, Laag-Soeren, Eerbeek en Loenen. This ATB-route allows you to enter foresttrails in the vicinity of Posbank posbank info (ca. +87m above sea water level). All the trails have proper parkingareas and information panels. From Arnhem Landgoed Mariendaal mariendaal info (ca. +29m above sea water level, between Arnhem and Oosterbeek) and Rozendaal (ca. +42m above sea water level, near Rozendaal castle) are most suitable.
Please note that a license is necessary when cycling on a mountainbike in the following areas: Nationaal Park Veluwezoom, the Loonse and Drunense Duinen and Montferland. Please check the following site for information where to buy these permits In the Nationaal Park Veluwezoom the permit can be purchased in Rheden at the Tourist Information Desk (VVV). The VVV is located at the entrance of the park (Schietbergseweg).

Long Distance Cycling Routes in Holland

LF-routes, the national long disctance cycling routes in Holland, signposted in both directions, are a network of cycling routes through the whole of Holland, all identified by a name and number, the suffixes a or b indicating the direction of the route.
Here is an overview of the routes with the total distance and the most common cities.

  • LF1 - Noordzee Route - Den Helder - Sluis - 470 km
  • LF2 - Steden Route - Amsterdam - Brussel - 340 km
  • LF3 consists of 3 parts:

  • - Northern part, Rietland Route - Holwerd - Kampen - 145 km
    - Middle part, Hanze Route - Kampen - Millingen - 135 km
    - South part, Maas Route - Arnhem - Maastricht - 220 km
  • LF4 - Midden Nederland Route - Den Haag - Utrecht - Arnhem - Enschede - 300 km
  • LF5 - Thorn - Roermond - 25 km
  • LF6 - Maastricht - Aachen - 35 km
  • LF7 - Oeverland Route - Alkmaar - Maastricht - 350 km
  • LF8 - Ommen - Borculo 80 km
  • LF9 - Nieuweschans - Breda 445 km
  • LF10 - Waddenzee Route - Callantsoog - Nieuweschans - Lauwersoog - 270 km
  • LF11 - Prinsenroute - Den Haag - Breda - 110 km
  • LF12 - Maas- en Vesting Route: Maassluis - Nijmegen - 230 km
  • LF13 - Schelde Rhein Route - Middelburg - Duisburg - 250 km / 300 km (dutch / german part)
  • LF14 - Saksen Fiets Route - Lauwersoog - Enschede - 230 km
  • LF15 - Boerenland Route - Alkmaar - Enschede - 200 km
  • LF16 - Vechtdal Route: Zwolle - Darfeld - 245 km
  • LF18 - Ommen - Denekamp - 60 km
  • LF20 - Flevo Route - Haarlem - Groningen - 250 km
  • LF40 - Borculo - Duitse grens - 20 km
  • LF51 - Kempen Route - Eindhoven - Antwerpen - 110 km

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